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I am the Creative Video Director at The Rock Church in San Diego, Ca. I am a motion graphic artist, videographer, director, and a photographer. I'm looking to learn from artists and share some things that I have discovered in my own journey.

I went on a 7 day journey with 4 guys and a photographer to chase the idea of reckless generosity - it was one of the most challenging yet life changing projects I’ve ever been on. We learned a lot about the world, ourselves, and Jesus. follow some of the journey on instagram #thereforego - and check back for the video in a few weeks.

Help me get this project out there - It’s challenging me daily, and I think it will encourage others as well.

I am proud to have worked on this project. The Rock Films team is passionate about  projects that deliver hope or challenge for any person/community willing to be a vessel of change in this world.

Primary Crew:
Christopher Francis: DP
Nicole Franco: Producer
David Schulz: Editor
Chris Hylton: Cinema 4D artist

I wrote, directed, color graded, and did the after effects production for the project. 

The Freedom Project / Red Tape /
This is a glimpse into the near future if every charity, social justice, church, and aid organization stepped out or gave up on caring for the world or community. Worse, this video is a depiction of humanity loosing it’s care for one another.

The freedom project is a small movement of commoners deciding to unite and engage the population with love and hope. Red tape represents; oppression, abuse, addiction, indifference, and loneliness. There is freedom from these things and we must choose it and then give it to others. 

“An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.”

The Process

We shot this video using only the Canon 5D mkii with various prime lenses. 

The end was a lot of work for Chris Hylton (Cinema 4D) and myself (After Effects). Hylton made various sets and red tape animations in a sky atmosphere. Tape was certainly a difficult texture/shape to deal with.

I colored this project using Looks in After Effects. The trick was using the Lift/Gamma tool and fixing the levels using Curves. Looks is a pretty gimmicky and entry level coloring tool, but if you have a good eye and have a look that you want to achieve, I think it’s the quickest tool out there. 

I’m blown away that the people at the Rock show up every day of the week to love, care, and bless the poor. I’m proud to tell this story and to celebrate what is happening here in San Diego. Sure this is a corporate piece but it’s a great message that has unified 12-15k southern californians to engage their neighbors with the love of Jesus Christ. Are there great stories you could share about your community?